6 Ingredients to Living a Beautiful Life


Over the years, I have tried many things to create more joy and happiness in my life.

Most of those things consisted of me looking “outside” of myself for that joy, when really, In my experience it can only be found “within”.

What does that even mean though? I hear those words and see them being flashed around in colorful memes and posts on the regular, even I have posted them, but what does it actually mean to you to truly live a beautiful life that you love?

How do you find that love and joy within yourself?

It’s one thing to say it and post it, but’s a whole other level to actually live it!

After years of struggle and unhappy relationships, trust me, I understand - the journey has not been an easy one, for any of us. We all have our fair share of wounds and scars, if you chose a human incarnation, then you know what I'm talking about.

But I wouldn't change a thing.

Through all the trials and tribulations, there have also been so many gifts to be thankful for. I can truly say that my life is filled with so much gratitude, joy, and happiness now.

So I I ask myself,  “what would be some of the key ingredients I would share that have lead me to live a beautiful life that I love?

What I felt into were these 6 key ingredients that I live by daily that keep me living a life filled with happiness and joy!

Practicing these 6 key ingredients daily has helped me to stay centered and grounded and keeps me in the flow of living a beautiful life, and I want to share them with you!

1. Do the "inner work" on yourself

This is the number 1 key ingredient!

Doing the inner work means to know and love ALL parts of yourself, not just what you feel others would like about you.

Doing the inner works means to look at all areas of your life where;

  • You are being codependent on others to make you feel happy.

  • You are holding onto unresolved pain and blaming others for it

  • You are not taking responsibility for anything in your life.

  • You keep repeating unhealthy patterns in your career, relationships and all other areas in your life.

  • You feel unloved, unworthy and stuck.

This list goes on, however, that's just a few of the ones I hear regularly. Once we can look at all of the areas in our lives and break free of the pains of the past, we can then begin to understand what our true soul's purpose is and discover that true happiness really is an inside job!

2. Daily meditation practice

My meditation practice consists of 30 minutes each morning of silent meditation.

This is the first thing I do when I wake up. Some days my meditation practice is amazing and I feel really relaxed and other days my head is filled with a million racing thoughts - it doesn’t matter how I show up, as long as I show up for it every day, is all that matters!

My daily meditation practice keeps me focused for the rest of the day, it gives me clarity into the direction of my day and life and allows me to sit with and become aware of the thoughts that occupy my mind.

This gives me an opportunity to see where my mindset is at for that day and what limiting beliefs I may be telling myself that could hold me back from living my full potential. This gives me a chance to “reset” my mindset for the day into a more positive headspace if necessary! Mindset and how you start your day can shift everything. 

3. Move your body every day

Do some kind of exercise every day to move energy through your body!

Our body is our temple! Just like a car, if you don’t start the engine every day, it becomes old and rusty and doesn’t run as well as when you drive it each day and continue to fill it up with gas and take care of it.

Our bodies hold onto all of our emotions and if we don’t get blood pumping and energy moving through it, that energy becomes stuck and stagnant and can build all kinds of protection layers to hold onto emotional pain.

So get your sweat on every day! 30 minutes of exercise every day can make a world of difference!

You don’t even have to join a gym, there are so many resources out there, for example, after my accident, it was hard for me to know what to do with my injuries, I tried the gym and worked with trainers and just kept re-injuring myself. I finally found what worked for me which has been Pilates and yoga and I just do these in the comforts of my own home! YouTube has so many great workouts, it’s just about finding what is best for you and your body! There really are no excuses or limits when it comes to movement. Even a nice long walk is beneficial, as long as you’re sweating, you’re moving energy! And that’s better than nothing! 

4. Self Awareness

Self-awareness goes hand in hand with meditation in my opinion! When we meditate, we are able to see/hear clearly the thoughts and stories we repeatedly tell ourselves.

Some of these stories can be limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our true purpose. Most of the time they will sound like “I can’t do that” or “I’m not smart enough for that” or “I am not good enough or worthy enough”.

When we bring self-awareness to the table and listen to these stories, we become aware of the beliefs that are holding us back. Why would I want to listen to that?

Because once I am aware of it, I can work on transforming that story or belief into a more empowering one like “I can do this, and I will do this!” Or “I am smart enough to try this out” or “I am deserving and worthy of anything I set out to do”.

Bringing self-awareness into your daily practice can shift your mindset and keep you feeling inspired and focused on your intentions.

5. Stay in the energy of TRUST

A few years ago, I decided that I literally have no control over the events that life throws us!

We may ‘think’ we have a plan and know what’s happening, however, sometimes the universe has a different plan for us!

Before I did any work on myself and connected to the energy of trust, I used to FREAK OUT  if things didn’t go exactly to plan! I would stay pissed off about it for weeks and become a victim of what didn’t happen!

So for a few years now, my life’s affirmation or mantra if you will, is TRUST.

I believe now that when something does not go as planned, it’s because it wasn’t meant to be that way and that there is something even better for you around the corner.

Can you think of a time where something just didn’t work out for you, didn’t go as you planned it and was a completely different outcome to what you expected? Then later down the track, you realized that it was so much better for you that way? Well, that’s what I’m talking about!

When we stay in the energy of TRUST, we stay in the flow of life.

Now, I have learned to stay in the energy of trust, I do not have any expectations. I simply trust that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be in each moment, sure I can plan my days, weeks, months out, but if it doesn’t go just the way I planned it to, then I TRUST that there is something even better out there for me! So instead of getting mad, I get excited because I trust that the universe has whipped up something even more magical for me to experience!

6. Surround Yourself in an Environment and  Community of Like-minded People

Environment is stronger than will. The people you choose to surround yourself with is imperative to your growth, so take a good look around you and ask yourself,

  • Does the environment I choose to be in support my goals, dreams, and aspirations?
  • Do the people I choose to surround myself with inspire, support and help me to be the best version of myself?

If the answer to both of those questions was a big fat NO, then it’s time to start choosing environments and people who actually inspire and support you to move towards your dreams. When I started to clear all of the toxic people and places out of my life, and really looked at what was holding me back, I created space for my true soul tribe to come forward.

These days I choose to surround myself with like-minded people, where the exchange of friendship is a two-way street and filled with unconditional love.

I hear so many times from people how unhappy they are in their relationships and I’m here to tell ya, you don’t have to be in them! You do have a choice who you surround yourself with and the environments you choose to be in. For me, there’s nothing like watching a beautiful sunset or being in nature and spending quality time with someone special that I love and care for. So choose your tribe carefully! And surround yourself in an environment that feels inspiring and uplifting. Let all that other toxic stuff go because I guarantee there’s something better!


This took me years of practice to get clear on the things that felt best for my well being. It helped me at the beginning as I was finding a balance in my life, to implement one thing at a time so I didn't overwhelm myself. Once I had one thing centered, then I could begin to implement the next ingredient until it became second nature.

Start with one ingredient that you feel you can commit to doing each day and watch the shifts it brings into your life, then when you're ready, add some of the other ingredients.

In my experience, these have been the key ingredients to living a beautiful life!

When I started my journey through a personal transformation and began the deeper healing, I knew it was my purpose and calling to help others do the same.

As a mentor, now I get to live this dream and fulfill my purpose everyday and guide others through this process.

If you would like guidance on where to begin your journey through self-transformation and healing and to live a life you love, let’s connect!

It is my true life's purpose and passion to support this process and work alongside others who are also ready to make shifts in their life too and live a beautiful life!