Gianna Mauceri is a certified Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer and Co-owner of the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing.

Gianna was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and unknowingly began her incredible journey into healing and transformation when she moved to the United States in 2009.

After completing her first Yoga Teacher Training, this opened more doors into the world of the healing arts and she was formally trained in Reiki energy healing, Yinki®, Sound healing therapy, Essential oil healing, and Crystal healing therapy.

Shortly thereafter Gianna found her Mentor Alisha Olivier Park, founder of the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing and the Healing From Within program.

As Gianna did the powerful and beautiful deep inner work with her Mentor, healing the repetitive patterns that no longer served her and breaking free of her old stories, she discovered within herself an abundance of love and knew it was her purpose in life to share this gift with others. She fully immersed herself in this work by continuous education and certified as a Healing from Within Mentor, guiding others through this experience of self healing too.

In November 2016, Gianna was involved in a severe car accident leaving her with multiple injuries. Amazingly, this experience only served to enhance her spirituality as well as her trust in the divine Universe. Rather than set her back, she used this situation to further hone in all of the healing tools she had been practicing at an even deeper level. She believes that it was these tools that saved her life, and became even more determined to share her gifts with the world.

After being the witness of her own profound life experiences and healing, she knew it was her purpose in life to teach and Mentor others through the process of Self healing and transformation..

Gianna now divides her time between Sydney Australia, San Diego CA and Costa Rica, living her passion as a spiritual mentor, healer and working on writing hr first book.